Project Description

Project Brief

A simple briefing doesn’t mean easy work. For this particular project our client asked for a “a bailarina dancing on top of a guitar”.

The Challenge

The challenge is to understand what the core brand values and service, and try to convey them into a design that it can relate to and that our client will love.

The Solution

We work with different designers and each submit a few ideas, from that we filter down to just a few ones to work with the client, once decided the “winner” we further polish and may play with some colours and small details.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Ongoing exchange of ideas between client and agency which early convert to achieving the desired results with less effort.


By working with a network of designers we are able to present different versions in record time.

Design Mockups

You will receive as much as 20 design ideas, and will have the option to further make specific changes.

Brand Strategy

Let our consultants present you with great brand strategies and marketing positioning.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Loved It, You are the best!
Lea Szpyrka - La Vibe Owner